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“Yellow Bucket,” Muse /A Journal (2016)

“Academic Center,” Red Earth Review (2013)

“The Time Uncle Charlie and Granddaddy Came to Visit Me at School,” Red Earth Review

Sure as a Prophet,” Vanilla Sex Magazine

“Swirling Grain” as “On van Gogh’s Painting, ‘Wheatfield with Reaper,’” Mad Hatters’ Review

“Postmodern Landscape,” Pioneertown (2015)

“At Work,” Tar River Poetry (Spring 2009)

“Dawning,” The Best of the Fuquay-Varina Reading Series 2014 (Main Street Rag, 2014)

“South End Dream Song,” Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal (Winter 2015)

“The Future,” The Journal of Interdimensional Poetry (Psychedemia, 2012)

“Loose-leaf in the Great Smokies,” Flycatcher

“Free Root,” Headwaters Creative Arts Magazine

“Lost Scene,” Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal

“Cats in Lorca’s Garden,” The Undertow Review (2014)

“Ode to Córdoba,” Pioneertown

“To La Niña de los Peines,” Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal

“In Sacromonte,” Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal

“All Weird Versions of People You Know Around the Campfire,” Smoky Mountain News (2008)

“Wolf,” Haight Ashbury Literary Journal (2010)

“Coalition Forces,” Pioneertown

“Like She’ol,” Pisgah Review (Winter 2010)

“Mothballs,” The Best of the Fuquay-Varina Reading Series 2014 (Main Street Rag, 2014)

“Elapse,” Animal Poems (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2014)

“Postcard without an Address,” Best of the Fuquay-Varina Reading Series 2014 (Main Street Rag, 2014)

“Child Watches,” Pioneertown

“Atomic Color-cinemascope,” Mad Hatters’ Review

“The Jericho Bird,” Pisgah Review

“The Condom,” Vanilla Sex Magazine

Moan,” Nomad (2008)

“Lines Written in Wax,” The Undertow Review

“Rare Moon,” The Undertow Review

“Trumpery,” Not My President: The Anthology of Dissent (Thoughtcrime Press, 2017)


“Ode to Federico García Lorca,”  Pablo Neruda, The Citron Review

“Pucatrihue,” Neruda, The Citron Review (2013)

“Orinoco,” The Citron Review (2013)

“Araucaria,” The Citron Review

BEAUTIFUL: Translations from the Spanish, Federico García Lorca, Pablo Neruda (New Native Press, 2013)

“The Lake,”  Pablo Neruda, Beatitude: Golden Anniversary, 1959-2009 (2009)

“Earthquake,” (2010)

“Earthquake in Chile,” Neruda, Asheville Poetry Review 2011

“The Locomotive,” Pablo Neruda, International Poetry Review (Spring 2011)

“Slender-billed Parakeet,” International Poetry Review


“Get Out of Town,” WNC Magazine (June 2009)

Music reviews, WNC Magazine (2009-2011)

Political/activism news and arts reporting, The Indie (2011-2014)

“Pablo Neruda Responds to Earthquakes in Chile,” (2010)

Sustainability-themed poetry contest, Mountain Xpress (2018)

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